Launch of Investing in Our Future



Lough Neagh Discovery Centre was the location for the recent high profile launch of the PEACE III Southern Partnership Investing in Our Future Priority.


The main objectives of Investing in Our Future Priority which was launched at the event are to identify tomorrow’s leaders and build their capacity today and to encourage active participation within and between local communities.   As with all the PEACE Priorities the core aims which any programme of support will seek to achieve are increased community cohesion, reduced levels of sectarianism and racism and Good Relations embedded in the community at all levels.


 Launching the plan was Dr. James McCammick, Joint Chairman of the Southern Partnership who said:


“The aim of the Priority is to inspire, support and highlight activities, which will bring about long lasting change in relation to encouraging civic engagement, inclusive participation and the resolution of issues which concern all residents in the Southern area.” 


He adds “With the launch of the Investing in Our Future Priority, and indeed though all Priorities within the Southern Plan, there is a real opportunity for people from across the cluster to get involved in a process that will enhance learning and understanding between and within communities.  This is a time when meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and trust can be built and sustained beyond the lifetime of the funding and a chance for us all to contribute towards lasting peace within our communities.”


Jillian Leathem Craigavon Borough Council’s PEACE III Programme Coordinator concludes “The Investing in Our Future team can support community and voluntary groups across the cluster to develop and implement initiatives that would meet the aims and objectives of the Priority.  In addition to this tailored support the Investing in our Future Priority has recently appointed TIDES Training to deliver a programme of accredited and non accredited training focussed on Good Relations and Leadership development.  The training will be targeted specifically at areas and groups where a clear need has been identified.  It is anticipated that through this programme of support, individuals and communities will have increased levels of knowledge, skills and capacity to identify and address contentious issues whilst promoting peace and reconciliation at a local level.  If you would like to get involved please contact me on 028 38312577.”