Celebrating Communities

Delivery Agent: All Cluster Councils – Lead Newry and Mourne District Council

Priority – aim: Promote positive cultural celebrations and genuinely inclusive profile and image of events.


  • To develop a cluster-wide calendar of events/flagship event and themed events.
  • Develop and promote good practice guidelines for the celebration of cultures in an inclusive and non threatening way.
  • Increase the potential for cross border events.


There will be at least 4 events across the whole of the Southern Cluster area.

There will be at least 1 event in each council area within the cluster.

Armagh – St Patrick’s week festival on 20 March 2010.  For more information and free tickets, contact Brian Johnston on 37529600.

Banbridge – People’s Park – September 2009.  Further events to be organised in 2010.  For further information, contact Leah Duncan or Caralyn Dougan on 40660600.

Craigavon – Currently proposing 3 events across the council area between Spring and Winter 2010.  For more information, contact Davina McCartney on 38312400.

Newry and Mourne – ‘Party on Down’ in August 2009.