Challenge of Change LogoDelivery Agent: Newry and Mourne District Council

Priority – aim: To facilitate greater involvement of people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in civic, community and political life and to increase community cohesion.


  1. To develop, promote and facilitate integration of BME and indigenous communities.
  2. To improve understanding and support between indigenous communities and BME/migrant worker communities
  3. To change perceptions and stereotypes in relation to minority ethnic communities.

Main Activities:

  1. Needs-based and capacity building training for indigenous and BME communities
  2. Establishing cross-cluster/border networking groups
  3. Developing and delivering projects which address integration
  4. Developing and delivering projects addressing racism
  5. Resources for providing advice, support and signposting to BME residents

Contact information:

Unit 9 Monaghan Court,
Monaghan Street
BT35 6BH

Area Officers:

Newry and Mourne (Project Co-Ordinator)

Justyna McCabe
Tel: 028 3031 3189
Mob:  07866852951

Armagh and Monaghan

Taücher McDonald
Tel: 028 3031 3166
Mob: 07800959521


Kate Bingham
Tel: 028 3031 3167
Mob: 07791444986


Patrick Kelly
Tel: 028 3031 3172
Mob: 07817640099


Katerina Skrebska
Tel: 028 3031 3165
Mob: 07837406859


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