Community Liaison

Delivery agent: Newry and Mourne District Council

 Aim: to co-ordinate delivery of actions at a local level in identified areas across the Cluster and, where relevant, on a cross border basis.


  • to review needs of specific ‘hotspots’ within the Southern Cluster area through a community planning approach
  • to develop and deliver an action plan to positively address identified sectarianism and racism issues for the areas in consultation with the community

 Key Actions:

  • Post PEACE III sustainability
  • undertaking reviews on an area basis
  • linking with Priority Officers and Thematic Working Groups  
  • working with strategic grant recipients in the implementation of their projects.

 Contact Information:

 PEACE III Southern Cluster Partnership
9 Monaghan Court
Monaghan Street
BT35 6BH

Community Liaison Officer – Andrew Kernaghan

028 3031 3097

 Community Liaison Officer – Marian Fitzpatrick

028 3031 3197