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Deliver Agent: Armagh City and District Council


 To work towards a new ‘normal’ which creates a safe, open and welcoming environment for all residents, regardless of their religion, nationality or ethnic group



  • To open up minds and spaces addressing both psychological and physical barriers to peace-building
  • To develop opportunities for cross-border and cross-community learning
  • To increase engagement and sharing of skills, venues and staffing resources on a long-term basis
  • To promote positive and inclusive cultural celebrations to increase civic and cultural pride

 Key actions:


  • Exploration of physical and psychological barriers to sharing spaces, services and opinions
  • Good practice visits and promotion of learning
  • Promoting connectivity and partnership, building on a cross community and cross border basis
  • Building localised relationships between Council, statutory agencies and communities
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities for joint project working on a community and cross border basis
  • Targeted work in interface areas
  • Developing inclusive community venues and shared spaces and action plans in order to maintain their sustainability
  • Encouraging better use of existing shared spaces
  • Facilitating positive cultural expression and inclusive celebrations on a local, cross border, cross cluster basis

 Contact Information:

Armagh City and District Council
Council Offices
The Palace Demesne
BT60 4EL
Tel: 028 3752 9600

 Programme Co-ordinator – Jennie Dunlop 


Tel: 07867780367

 Development Officer – Noreen O’Callaghan


Tel: 07789936749