Good Relations Forums

Priority Title: Good Relations Forums

Delivery Agent: Newry and Mourne District Council

Priority – aim: A relationship building body, seeking to build trust, develop intra community understanding and promote mediation and civic dialogue by providing a private space for key influencers within the community.

Objectives: To positively contribute to good Relations between people of different political, religious and ethnic background and challenge attitudes towards sectarianism and racism.


  • Establishment and development of community and middle level forums across the cluster area
  • Provision of capacity building training for individuals to engage in good relations work and more specifically forums.
  • Provision of area specific mediation across the cluster as appropriate.
Contact information for the Lead Officer is:

Sarah Nesbitt/Suzanne Rice
O’Hagan House,
Monahgan Row,
Newry BT35 8DJ
Tel: 0283031 3065 (work) or 07854167122 (mobile)

Contact information for the other Good Relations Officers within the cluster:

Armagh City and District Council:

Mary Toal
Tel: 028 3752 9600

Craigavon Borough Council:

Davina McCartney
Tel: 028 3831 2490

Banbridge District Council:

Dolores Donnelly
Tel: 028 4066 0600

Training guide

To participate in the training contact Sarah Nesbitt ( or one of the Good Relations Officers in your local Council

Stage 1: Good Relations and Civic Leadership (Belfast)

Level: 2 Credits:3

This course aims to enable learners to understand:

  • the influence of identity
  • the importance of cultural diversity, and tacit cultures
  • current legislation on equality

Study visits: political tour of Falls and Shankill Road

Stage 2: working with Contentious Cultural Issues  (Dublin)

Level 2: Credits: 3

This course aims to enable learners to:

  • understand the meaning of culture and tradition
  • recognise culture and traditions as part of identity
  • understand methods of cultural expression
  • understand prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination
  • understand cultural differences

Study visits: History of the battle of the Boyne (Drogeda); Kilmainham Jail; Croke Park; Island Bridge etc

Stage 3: Understanding Diversity (Poland)

Level 2: Credits: 3

The course aims to enable learners to:

  • know the different approaches to interacting with people from other cultural backgrounds
  • understand different personal styles of interaction with people from other cultural backgrounds
  • recognise when cultural expression becomes cultural aggression
  • understand the individual and community responsibilities involved in cultural diversity
  • use practical skills to support positive engagement in a diverse environment.

Incorporating study visit to Poland

Stage 4: Conflict management (Derry)

Level 2: Credits: 6

This course aims to enable learners to understand:

  • the nature of conflict
  • the causes of conflict
  • creative methods for dealing with conflict

Study visits: Bloody Sunday tour; history of Unionism tour; Bogside and Diamond etc