Investing in Our Future

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Delivery agent: Craigavon Borough Council


  • To inspire, support and highlight activities, which will bring about lasting change in relation to encouraging civic engagement, inclusive participation and the resolution of issues which concern all residents in the Southern area


  • To encourage further engagement between and within the community, statutory organisations and political representatives
  • To identify tomorrow’s leaders and build their capacity today
  • To eliminate gatekeeper issues and encourage active participation

Key actions:

  • Leadership and Ambassadors for Change
  • Partner Development Programme
  • Training and experiential learning
  • Progressive relationship building within and between areas and groups
  • Promoting and celebrating good relations and civic engagement throughout communities, groups and organisations
  •  Joint project working
  • To target work with young people and younger and older people

Contact Information:

 Craigavon Borough Council

Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre
PO Box 66
Lakeview Road
Co. Armagh
BT64 1AL


Programme Co-ordinator  – Jillian Leathem

Tel: 028 3831 2577