Small Grants Programme

Priority Title: Small Grants Programme

Priority 1: Reconciling Communities

Theme 1.1:  Building Positive Relations at the Local Level

Delivery Agent: Armagh City and District Council

Priority – aim:

Help local groups identify and tackle sectarianism and racism at the coalface

Priority objectives:

Establish a small grants programme with clear assessment criteria focused on Peace and Reconciliation


  • Removal of murals and graffiti
  • Promotion of cross community activities and events
  • Development of cross border linkages
  • Delivery of cross community learning on political, economic or social structures

This priority compliments all other priorities indentified in the local Peace Plan: Beyond Tolerance

  • Challenge of Change
  • Good Relations Forums
  • Alternative Focus
  • Investing in Our Future
  • Encouraging Civic Leadership
  • Celebrating Communities and Cultures

Contact information

Godfrey McCartney
Acting PEACE III Small Grants Programme Manager

Armagh City and District Council
Council Offices
The Palace Demesne
BT60 4EL

Joanne McAlinden
PEACE III Small Grants Development Officer

Noreen O’Callaghan
PEACE III Small Grants Claims / Finance Officer

Tel:  028 (0) 28 3752 9600
Fax:  028 (0) 28 3752 9601