Strategic Grants

Strategic Grant recipients

Deliver Agent: Newry and Mourne District Council

Aim: To provide appropriate groups/ organisations within the Cluster region grants of between £50,000 and £120,000 to establish and deliver initiatives that will improve trust, respect and reduce levels of sectarianism and racism.

The Partnership particularly welcomed/encouraged projects that could demonstrate an active partnership approach, cross community participation, cross border networking and applications from socially excluded groups/ organisations.

Successful applicants are:

Youth Action NI

The Champions for Change youth work project will target young people aged 13-25 (within local communities) to challenge attitudes and promote cultural diversity across Newry and Mourne and Armagh.  The Project will connect with 560 young people through community based initiatives in which attitudes and skills development with be fore-fronted.  50 trained young peace builders/ leaders will act as peace champions for change (building capacity of tomorrow’s leaders).  Through a collaborative approach this project aims to enhance good relations and build leadership across the area at 3 distinct levels:

  • Strategic – Building leadership through the Youth Work Strategy Partnership as strategic champions for change
  • Practice – Building leadership with community/ residents groups as influential champions for change
  • Young people – building leadership with young advocates as everyday champions for change (role models/ mentors)

PLACE – Craigavon

The aim of the project is to ensure and develop integration by ensuring those groups most affected by the conflict and those marginalised groups in society are able to read and understand the strategic policy that frames their future.

  • Training Education and development – the aim of this aspect is to ensure there are people who are adequately trained and equipped to help with transition to a peaceful society.  If we have skilled accredited ‘Practitioners’ we will be better placed to develop deeper understanding of those who differ from us and avoid outbreaks of violence in the future. 
  • Our overall goal is to use dialogue as a mechanism that allows victims and survivors of conflict to deal with and address their past and respect and understand the views and past of others. 

Banbridge District Council

This programme aims to address sectarianism and other good relations issues through the medium of arts (drama, dance, creative writing and art).  This innovative approach aims to build commonality rather than difference, utilising humour as the tool to engage and educate children, young people and adults in an interactive programme of meaningful engagement. 

  • Primary school programme – cross community drama delivered to P6/P7 students including a creative writing and art project, development of a book compiled from the work of the students and exhibition of work. 
  • Post Primary School Programme - film project addressing sectarian themes delivered to year 8-11 students.
  • Public programme – two large and four smaller  ’dark humour’ drama/ comedy events addressing our shared experience of “The Troubles” with discussion panels.

Love Hockey Ireland

The project developed by Love Hockey Ireland is a three phase approach using the sport of inline hockey to bring people together, break down barriers and have a lasting impact within the Southern Cluster area upon community relations.  Love Hockey Ireland will be delivering a schools outreach programme, youth engagment  and ethnic minority programme to enhance cross community relations and aid the integration of ethnic minority groups into local communities.  There will be a series of coaching activities, taster sessions, events, training activities, workshops and the production of a 3 year Good Relations Strategy.  The project will be delivered cluster wide and also have a cross border element.


 Contact information:

 PEACE III Southern Cluster Partnership

9 Monaghan Court
Monaghan Street
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 Project Support Officer –  Ciara Burns

Tel: 028 3031 3159