What’s Going on in Armagh – June 2010

Armagh Fun World Cup Event – 18 June

Over 150 children from primary schools in Armagh will be taking part in the Armagh Fun World Cup event. This is a showcase event for schools that have participated in a four week project in which they were assigned a country participating the World Cup and were asked to learn about the culture and traditions of that country. The children will be displaying t-shirts and banners they have designed based on the countries the are representing.

Belong Summer Festival – 26 June

Belong in partnership with Challenge of Change will be hosting an intercultural festival for children aged 7-12 years. The festival will  bring children together from various cultural backgrounds to participate in various arts, crafts and musical activities. The event will also showcase the work of the Young Armagh Travellers who have been working on various artistic projects for the past eight weeks.
Contact:Taücher McDonald 07800959521

Ladies Night  Quilt Project- 28 June

This is an ongoing integration project led by the Challenge of Change.  The last Monday of every month women from various cultural backgrounds come together to work on a quilt that is reflective of their own cultures.  Meetinsg take place in the Dobbin Street Community Centre form 19:30 -21:30.The quilt is expected to be completed by early March 2011.
Contact: Taücher McDonald 07800959521